Bianca Kolonusz-Partee

Current Show:
Earth Day Celebration
Zenith Gallery
1429 Iris Street NW, Washington, DC
20012 | 202.783.2963
April 12 - May 4, 2024
Meet the artists - April 12 4-8PM & April 13 2-6PM

Shimizu Port Below Mt. Fuji
2023, 16”H X 28”W
Recycled product packaging, Pen & Adhesive

Illustrating the undeniable strength of the natural landscape in work about global shipping ports, this project spotlights the enduring strength of our natural world. My industrial work is a call to action: we must find a balance between our obsession with consumerism and preserving our world for future generations.

As my husband and I guide our two children through life, time away from the daily hustle exploring the natural world around us has become paramount. Making these pieces slows me down and reminds me of what is important. Creating this juxtaposition between far away industrial places and closer natural landscapes allows the viewers a moment to pause and connect. Magic exists between the hustle and flow of life, but you have to be open to it.

By studying the American ports in person and the Asian ports via the internet I have discovered the strength of the natural landscape asserting itself through the industrial landscape. My first international trip was to the shipping port in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2012. Visiting the rich complex island of Sri Lanka was a transformative experience. Getting goods made cheaply in Sri Lanka ignores the rich culture, fresh spices and mind blowing landscape. Moving my family to Salt Lake City, Utah at the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020 has shifted my lens once again. Global supply chain issues have highlighted international trade. The majestic mountain west is the perfect anchor from which to consider our use of the limited resources we have.

Repurposing the highly designed product packaging of our contemporary world I create simulations of shipping ports that reveal these often ignored places. The environmental impact of shipping such large quantities of goods through mega ports is huge. I create highly crafted landscapes directly on the walls of the gallery to bring viewers into these places. I am ever optimistic that we can reach a balance between overindulgence and harmony if we just allow ourselves to see what is in front of us.